Image credit: CDC Global Health

Open Source Malaria

Open source drug discovery is a non-traditional approach to drug development that is guided by open source principles. All research data is open to everyone and anyone can contribute. This project seeks to contribute to the Open Source Malaria initiative through the synthesis of desirable new compounds as potential anti-malarial agents.

OSM Series 4 compounds

The project not only emphasises teamwork but also independence and initiative. Due to the open-ended nature of this project, students at all stages of their studies can contribute, from undergraduate to honours projects, MSc, PhD and beyond!

OSM Team 2017

The project follows the six laws of open science:

First Law: All data are open and all ideas are shared.

Second Law: Anyone can take part at any level of the project.

Third Law: There will be no patents.

Fourth Law: Suggestions are the best form of criticism.

Fifth Law: Public discussion is much more valuable than private email.

Sixth Law: The project is bigger than, and is not owned by, any given lab.

The initiative includes chemists, biologists, bio- and chemo-informaticians collaborating via a number of means, including wikis, open access Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) and a series of highly active GitHub repositories.